Our observatory is located in the middle of Carinthia at about 1600m above sea level on the Gerlitzen. The location was the optimal place for us to build a new observatory because of its position. On the one hand, we still have a dark night sky, especially when there is fog in the valley during the winter months, and on the other hand, we have the possibility to reach the observatory by car all year round. From Villach one is in 30 minutes or from Klagenfurt 45 minutes at our observatory and can see if the weather plays along, a dreamlike dark sky.

At the sight of the Milky Way, as it disappears with its nebulae and foothills behind the Karawanken, some visitors have already caught their breath. Even during the day, the forecourt of the observatory offers a fantastic panorama with a view from Lake Ossiach over Lake Wörtersee to Klagenfurt and far beyond the Koralpe and west to East Tyrol.

Especially on the mountain, the clear nights are often accompanied by icy temperatures with up to -25°C, sometimes even colder. Since one can only withstand such temperatures for a certain time, it is a small luxury to be able to retreat to a heated room while the CCD camera is running in the dome. This room is also very convenient for guided tours and lectures. Especially pleasant is the possibility to use the observatory remotely for astrophotography via the internet. So to speak, you can look at the stars from your comfortable couch.