The AMOS Observatory as an association has existed since January 2005. The association has set itself the goal of practicing astrophotography in all its forms. Today, thanks to the development of increasingly better telescopes and more light-sensitive CCD cameras, it is possible to take photos with affordable equipment that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. We are happy to assist with questions regarding observatory construction, astrophotography, and remote control.

The original task of the association was to establish its own observatory with a focus on astrophotography. We are particularly proud of the location where we could build the observatory. Situated on the southeast slope of Gerlitze, far from disturbing city lights, it ensures a wide view of the sky in all directions.


We also enjoy doing things together, such as visiting CERN in Switzerland, for example
Here are some insights into areas of CERN that are accessible to only a few.


The association and the observatory are operated and managed by

  • Michael Menard (President)
  • Michael Pagitz (Vice President)

Become a Member

We are not a traditional association. Many associations struggle with internal disputes or have hundreds of members, with only a handful actively contributing or both. New members are warmly welcome to join us, provided they actively participate regularly and there is a good "chemistry" between them and the group. The details of what this involvement entails can be discussed personally, preferably during a joint observation or photo night.

Simply get in touch with us.


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