Due to the use of the observatory in remote astrophotography operations, only training courses for
astrophotography are currently possible. 

Private tours

Regular guided tours are not possible at the moment. However, we offer the possibility to book private tours on request. They have the possibility to determine the topic themselves and if possible, we also show them the objects they want to see in the night sky.

The ideal time for observations is around the new moon or half-moon. A full moon looks very beautiful in the night sky, but makes observation of fainter objects, despite our large telescope, limited.

Bookings from 150€, duration about 2 hours.

Astro vacation

You are very interested in astronomy and spend your vacation in Carinthia?

It is possible to book our observatory also by the night. We have cooperation partners on the Gerlitzen and can also help them with regard to accommodation.

Price on request.

Corporate Events

We also offer events for companies, e.g. a "Hüttenzauber" with a visit to the observatory. Just ask us which offers are possible.

Prices and possibilities on request.

Taster course astrophotography & equipment training

You always wanted to get a first insight into astrophotography or you have bought your first telescope and need help in using it. We are happy to observe together with you on your device and explain the handling.

Price on request.